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There is nothing more we care about than enhancing eco-tourism in Indonesia. Being in the centre of the Coral Triangle – we get to experience firsthand how fragile the biodiversity of our oceans can be and how important it is to take care of it.

PADI Greenstar Resort in Indonesia

Raja Ampat is the literal crossroads for the Indian and Pacific Ocean species. It has the highest concentration and diversity of marine life on earth, as well as the greatest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world.

colourful coral gardens Raja Ampat

Powerful ocean currents carry larvae from Raja Ampat to reefs in other parts of Indonesia and the Pacific, making Raja Ampat the heart of the “supply chain” of species. This transport may help to replenish other reefs which have been damaged by disease, bleaching, overfishing, and other detrimental activities

The global impact of the coronavirus epidemic has stimulated some deep reflections, hard questions and stark realities of the world we live in. Anchoring yourself at a resort instead of a liveaboard has become more popular. It has become even more important than ever to ensure your dive resort supports education, communication and conservation within the local community and serve to promote the area – instead of tarnishing the environment and the people alongside with it.

Raja Ampat Eco Resort

We have been driving conservation initiatives since our inception in 2017 but can now formally be recognised as a PADI Greenstar Member, encouraging universal participation and business practices around the globe.

No Sinlge Use Plastics at the Resort

A good thing to look out for when choosing your dive resort is the extent of their efforts towards enhancing the community, as well as the ocean.

Meridian Adventure Dive has always been focused, being situated in the Coral Triangle of the world (which boasts the nursery for the Great Barrier reef), on eco-conscious practices. This term gets thrown around a lot, but here are the focus points that make our resort a cut above the rest when it comes to eco-tourism.

What are we doing about Water?

What are we doing about Energy use?

Solar lights Eco Resort

What are we doing about Transportation (dive boats)?

Eco Focused Dive Boats

What are we doing about Waste Management?

What are we doing about Green Practices & Materials?

Our own Herb Garden at the Resort

What are our Conservation efforts?

We continue to try and find ways to enhance our eco operations at the resort and adding value to the community and environment that surrounds us.

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