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When travelling to Indonesia:

Current Rules & Restrictions:

Indonesian government has imposed temporary entry restriction policy for foreign citizens from all countries to Indonesia.  Click Here for more info.

  • Upon submission of Visa, applicants must provide a health certificate issued by relevant health authorities.
  • All visitors must submit a Health Alert Card to the Port Health Authority upon arrival at Indonesian airports.
  • Should the travel history indicate that a person has travelled to the government-concerned countries in the last 14 days; such a person may be refused entry to Indonesia.
  • For Indonesian citizens who have travelled specifically to areas mentioned above, will have an additional checkup at the arrival airport by the Port Health Authority.

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If you are looking for a more affordable accommodation option that offers a combination of an authentic holiday experience and state-of-the-art dive excursions in Raja Ampat, then our Homestay scuba dive option is perfect for you.

Meridian Adventure facilitates the booking process and provides transport from our Waisai Resort to the various Homestays in the area. Once settled in, Meridian Adventure Dive supports your daily 2 tank dive experience, providing high-tech dive equipment, and high-speed dive boat transfers to and from the vast amount of dive sites in Raja Ampat.


Meridian Adventure Dive has participated in training and upskilling the local Homestay Owners by mentoring the local villagers to become their own entrepreneurs (and not taking any revenue from the bookings made via the resort). By doing this they have opened these homeowners to an international market for people who not only want to visit the pristine environment but want to make a difference in doing so.

Simply put – you make a difference by just making a booking!

Helpful tips which allow you to understand your homestay and enjoy your vacation to its fullest

What you will be is the guest of an Indonesian/Papuan family, staying on family-owned land in what was once the only type of housing built in the islands. The term “homestay” is used because this is how this type of accommodation is referred to by both their owners and Indonesian tourism promotion agencies.

The rooms are of basic construction and amenities and electricity at most is only available at night. Wi-Fi is rare, none are air-conditioned, bathrooms are what they refer to as “dip mandi” bathrooms which consist of a tub of water with a ladle for washing, and they do not offer room service. What the homestays do provide is three meals a day, unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee and cultural experience of a lifetime


The homes are made of wood or sawn timber framing, walls and a roof of palm thatch and floors may even be sand. The homestays range from a single room with one window, to large four-room bungalows with verandahs and possibly even a common room. The truly traditional homestays have bedrooms and living areas only, no kitchen, bathroom, toilet or laundry are found in a Papuan house.

Rest assured if this all seems a little too much like camping, there are “VIP” homestays offering more upmarket bungalows. They feature glazed windows, lockable doors and even ensuite bathrooms!


Most homestays provide a mattress n the floor or on a raised, fixed. Very few homestays have real showers, but many have piped freshwater to replenish the large container from which you bath. Wastewater, however, is not plumbed but channelled away to seep into the ground. It is for this reason you are asked to only use environmentally safe, biodegradable soaps and shampoos.


Sundays are a day of rest, church and community activities for your hosts in Raja Ampat. Please be respectful of your host’s right to a day off, resist the temptation to pressure your hosts to take you anywhere on a Sunday. This includes, but is not limited to, scheduling your arrival or departure on a Sunday.

Read more about what to expect at your homestay and get in touch if you have any further questions.