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When travelling to Indonesia:

Current Rules & Restrictions:

Indonesian government has imposed temporary entry restriction policy for foreign citizens from all countries to Indonesia.  Click Here for more info.

  • Upon submission of Visa, applicants must provide a health certificate issued by relevant health authorities.
  • All visitors must submit a Health Alert Card to the Port Health Authority upon arrival at Indonesian airports.
  • Should the travel history indicate that a person has travelled to the government-concerned countries in the last 14 days; such a person may be refused entry to Indonesia.
  • For Indonesian citizens who have travelled specifically to areas mentioned above, will have an additional checkup at the arrival airport by the Port Health Authority.

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Refuse Disposables

It’s simple – if we all made the switch from disposable to reusable cups, we would divert 500 billion take-away coffee cups from landfills every year. According to the Plastic Free Mermaid on Instagram, coffee cup lids are made of polysterene and is known to leach styrene.

Leaching is when the main ingredient or additive chemicals transfer over from plastic containers or plastic packaging to the food or beverage. So, why put yourself through that chemically induced coffee high, when you can simply bring your own reusable cup wherever you go?

On top of that gross fact, most disposable coffee cups contain a plastic film of polyethylene (which helps to make it waterproof) and are not recyclable. This means they will likely end up in landfills and won’t biodegrade.

Take a look at what Cup Club is doing, a circular economy concept offering to replace millions of disposable cups with reusable cups-as-a-service. Now THAT’s what we call a great idea!!