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Latest Procedures & Requirements

All international travellers (foreign national) who will enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia shall make readjustments with regards to their travel d documents, to ensure compliance with the provisions regarding categories of foreign nationals allowed to enter Indonesia.

The requirements for entering Indonesia for international travelers (foreign citizen) are as follows:
  1. Take possession of Proof of Vaccination or Vaccination Certificate (physical or digital).
  2. Download and make use of app of PeduliLindungi.
  3. There is no need to present a Negative proof of RT-PCR test.
  4. There is no need to present proof of health insurance.


The cost of a Visa on Arrival (VOA): IDR 500,000 (approx. 35 USD) and can be paid in cash. Currency accepted in EUR, GBP, AUD, USD, SGD, and IDR.
PRE APPLY for your e-VOA 

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Responsible tourism (which Liveaboards are not) continues to play an important role in providing more sustainable alternatives for locals to make a living, especially with the involvement of many of the scuba diving resorts that are invested in the protection of the marine park. While Indonesia is a Member State of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), many of these vessels do not comply with international standards and brazenly flout the rules. Liveaboard boats carrying more than 15 persons are deemed to be passenger vessels and the most discharge untreated sewage within the marine park. Such sewage pollution leads to nutrient enrichment in ocean water, which favours algal growth at the expense of coral organisms

Irresponsible anchoring causes a great deal of coral breakage and fragmentation in the marine park, and can also damage the habitats near reefs such as seagrasses that serve as nurseries and habitats for the juveniles of different coral reef organisms. Anti-foul paint, which you will find on all liveaboards – is a highly toxic chemical paint that is applied to the bottom of boats to prevent adherence or slow the growth of subaquatic organisms.

Being in the forefront of the scuba diving industry and operating the only Marina in the region, we have experienced firsthand what the Liveaboard boats are not only doing to the income of the locals but to the environment, we so desperately try to conserve. We have, ever since our inception in 2017, invested thousands of dollars to salvage wrecks and clean up contaminants spilt in the waterways.

Dive Resorts

We travel to more dive sites than most liveaboards in Raja Ampat and have access to remote dive sites that have fewer divers visiting them and is, therefore, less spoilt.

Our customised dive boats revolutionise the functionality and comfort of dive boat operations and will change the way you dive forever. Our tried, tested and tailored itineraries maximise your days diving, to deliver the most unforgettable and valuable experiences and activities.

At Meridian Adventure Dive we have not only invested in the community by creating local-first job opportunities in the area but investing in only using eco-optimised practices and transportation on the waters of the protected area.

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