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Latest Procedures & Requirements

Indonesia does away with PCR tests and eases mask-wearing rule.


Indonesia has removed pre-flight PCR or ART tests for inbound International and Domestic travelers, including returning Indonesians. Masks are no longer required for vaccinated people in non-crowded outdoor spaces. Arriving travelers will only need to undergo a health check at the airport for any Covid-19-related symptoms.


The Circular Letter issued by Indonesia Covid-19 Task Force on May 18 stipulated that travelers must comply with the new health protocol: download the PeduliLindungi tracing app, show proof of their second Covid-19 vaccination obtained at least 14 days prior to departure, and have insurance covering Covid-19 medication and evacuation to referral hospitals.


For international arrivals to Indonesia:

The main change is that the remaining PCR test prior to arrival has been removed for fully vaccinated travelers.


The latest procedure and requirements for entering Indonesia are:

  • Depending on the nationality, visitors must present a B211A visa approval letter or request a VOA (Visa-on-Arrival). The list of 72 countries eligible for VOA remains unchanged (updated 30May’22)


  • Physical or digital evidence in English that shows the visitor is fully vaccinated at least 14 days before departure (no booster necessary)


  • Children under 18 years are exempted from this rule


  • Download the PeduliLindung application and complete travel details.


  • Proof of ownership of health insurance covering COVID-19. No minimum coverage is mentioned in the latest regulation but we recommend a minimum coverage of US$ 25,000 (or equivalent in other currencies)


  • Upon arrival, no PCR testing or quarantine is necessary if the body temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius.
    A PCR Test and 5 days of quarantine are ONLY necessary if the temperature of the visitor is above 37.5 degrees Celsius.


This policy is eligible for entry through the international airports of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Batam, Bintan, Manado, Lombok, Medan, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Banda Aceh, Padang, Palembang, Solo, Banjarmasin and Balikpapan, and all international seaports.


The cost of a Visa on Arrival (VOA): IDR 500,000 (approx. 38 USD) and can be paid on a credit or debit card. Cash is accepted in EUR, GBP, AUD, USD, SGD, and IDR.

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The world’s most exclusive dive site

Some call it hidden, other’s call it exclusive – we simply call it PARADISE.

Don’t get us wrong – we have been faced with various logistical challenges throughout the years, but never have we thought it not to be worth every inch mile of it. But the good news is that Raja Ampat has become a lot more accessible than what it used to be (believe us when we say – A LOT MORE).

And the travel in itself forms part of one of the biggest adventures you will embark on…

Where is Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, East Indonesia.

Where is Raja Ampat

Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, it is the literal crossroads for the Indian and Pacific Ocean species, having the greatest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world.

Did you know about Waisai Airport?

With the development of transport services to the area, there is now an airport that is serviceable by commercial planes direct to Raja Ampat Waisai Airport on the Island of Waigeo.  Making the journey to Raja Ampat faster and easier.

Being fairly new and still a small airport there is an ever-changing schedule for the flights in and out of the airport.  As the area develops with increasing numbers of visitors the schedule is sure to improve.

Waisai Airport

But there are other ways to get to Raja Ampat

The easiest way to get to Raja Ampat is to fly to Sorong from Jakarta, Makassar, Ambon or Manado. There are no direct international flights to West Papua Province (YET).

Getting to this little piece of paradise has gotten so much easier!

There are 8 different commercial & private airline carriers flying into Sorong; Batik Air, Garuda, Lion Air, Nam Air, Sriwijaya Air, Susi Air, Wings Air and Xpress Air.

Garuda GA-682: Departs Jakarta (CGK) at 00:20am direct to Sorong arriving at 06:35am.

How to get to Waisai

Batik Air ID-7797: Departs Jakarta (CGK) at 00:30am direct to Sorong arriving at 06:30am.

How to get to Waisai

After arriving at Sorong Airport, you have two options for reaching Meridian Adventure Dive:

1. By daily public ferry, from Sorong to Waisai.

Raja Ampat Ferry
Raja Ampat Ferry
Raja Ampat Ferry

There are two daily express ferries from Sorong to Waisai and Waisai to Sorong.  The Express Ferry takes around 2hrs and departs daily at 9am and 2pm, from either port.  There is no online or booking system yet in place for buying the ferry tickets, it’s a matter of turning up and buying them directly from the counter.  Each locations’ ticket office can be found in the buildings before the docks.  They offer both Economy and VIP tickets; the VIP room has a private toilet and air-conditioning.  It’s not uncommon for the ferries to depart late (but not that much later than the scheduled time), so it’s always best to allow extra time when taking a flight on the same day as the ferry.  For ferries departing at 9am its possible to catch a flight after 2pm on the same day.

The ferry terminal is a short 4 min walk along the waterline to the resort. Taxis are readily available to drive you the resort or we can organise a pick-up upon request.

Raja Ampat Ferry Port
Raja Ampat transport

2. By private speed boat

We have custom built high-speed Dive Boats that can be arranged as pick-up from Sorong to Waisai, or we can organise a trusted boat operator for you. It will still be a 2-hour trip.

Meridian Adventure Dive Resort is located in Waisai (the Capital of Raja Ampat), on the island of Waigeo. Which is an island just across the channel from Sorong. The Resort is based just behind our Marina Facility which is walking distance from the Ferry Terminal.

Chat to us about the best travel arrangements to and from Sorong. The resort team is ready to assist you in getting to the Heart of the Coral Triangle with ease.

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