Explore an inhabited island with sun & shade

Raja Ampat is not your typical beach holiday destination and is rather famous for its gigantic jungle tops and mangrove forests that hold the coastline together. Indonesia does not only have the most abundant biodiversity of marine species, but it’s also known for having over an estimate of 23 percent of the world’s mangroves along its coastlines – which is about 3 million hectares of mangrove forest!

With the resort nestled behind one of these mangrove forests, we also have access to some of the best beaches in our area and can take you there with one of our speed boats. We also have a ‘boat taxi’ daily to Palau Saonek Mondei – which is an uninhabited island with sun, shade, and crystal-clear water, perfect for a day of swimming and snorkelling.

Please let reception know a minimum of 1 hour before scheduled times that you would like to go.

Scheduled Times:

10:00 am – Drop Off
12:00 pm- Pickup or Drop Off
1:30 pm – Pickup or Drop Off
4:00 pm – Pickup